Friday, 17 October 2014

Aloe Benefits For Dogs

If aloe benefits for dogs is not a phrase that has captured your imagination to date, perhaps I can explain why, for my dog and me, it has been life changing.

Interestingly, the Aloe Vera drink that made so much difference in Sam's and my life is one from which humans and animals both benefit. No distinction is made between the species. What's good enough for my Bearded Collie is also good enough for me - and the cat, the camel, the gorilla or indeed any creature with needs.

But it all began with Sam, because he had a health problem that traditional methods were not solving. At the age of eight his limbs had stiffened and he was acting like an old man. This was not in character! Having been a Beardie with plenty of bounce, now bouncing was way beyond him and it was as much as he could do to climb the stairs in our house.

What was to be done? My daughter produced a distinctive yellow tub with a brown lid, instructing me "Give him this!"

Well, Sam and I were both suspicious - the more so when I learned that the tub contained Aloe Vera. How could that help when the vet had been less than helpful? Fortunately, Sam was more trusting about 'alternative stuff' than I was and when I reluctantly poured some over his food as instructed he licked his bowl clean.

He did the same on subsequent evenings, despite the fact that the Aloe hardly enhanced the taste of his tripe! I knew this because I'd tried drinking it and was singularly unimpressed. Taste wasn't the issue, though, which Sam seemed to know instinctively. His instinct never seems to fail him.

Let's move on now a fortnight or so to when Sam was suddenly his old self again. Yes, his bounce was back and it was as if all the stiffness had never happened. I might even have begun to wonder if I'd imagined it, had my fellow dog-walkers not reacted with amazement to the transformation in him.

They kept questioning me about what was going on and before long I found I was in business, supplying yellow tubs of Aloe Vera to Rottweilers, rabbits, cats and other animals. I even read in the DAILY MAIL about a gorilla on his daily dose of Aloe. I saw that his tub was white with a blue lid and that as well as the Aloe Vera it contained glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM.

Suffice to say that so many pets benefited their humans started drinking Aloe too and it seemed to help with such differing conditions as arthritis and asthma, IBS and a variety of other inflammatory ailments. Or were we all in cloud cuckoo land?

Sam's vet didn't think so. He was so awed by the improvements that he became an aloe distributor himself, wanting his other patients to benefit too. The drinks, we reliably learned, have a tonic effect, maintaining a healthy appetite and suppleness of joints. They also revitalize energy levels and soothe as well, acting to reduce a dog's (or cat's etc!) sensitivity to external irritants.

Gradually we were led to many other wonderful discoveries. There were a number of topical Aloe products for dog's skin problems - one being an Aloe Veterinary Formula in an easy to apply spray.

This is ideal for soothing irritations, cleansing before applying dressings or applying Aloe Vera Gelly. Sprayed onto coats after bathing, it shines and conditions - and it can also be used as a soothing leg wash to give protection after heavy exercise.

I'll end (although I could continue indefinitely on the subject of aloe benefits for dogs!) with a further mention of Aloe Vera Gelly, from which Sam and I have both benefited in a wide variety of ways.

Essentially identical to the Aloe Vera's inner leaf, this 100% stabilized Gelly lubricates sensitive tissue safely. Absorbed as quickly as if squeezed direct from the leaf, it calms irritated skin and helps reduce scar formation.

What this has meant for Sam and me is that all wounds, burns, bites, stings and bruises are treated with it immediately. And they heal with remarkable rapidity!

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