Friday, 17 October 2014

Scrub Uniforms and The Professions Who Use Them

Scrubs are the shirts and pants that were originally created for surgeons who had to go into an operating room and "scrub in" for surgery. They are designed with a simple layout, one that would have few places for dirt to hide. Usually the design includes a half-sleeved top, drawstring or elastic pants and sometimes a head cap. They are easy to launder and inexpensive to replace when needed. While scrubs were originally meant solely for surgeons their use has grown to be the medical uniform for much of the hospital and health care profession.

Scrub Uniforms come in a variety of colors. Many hospitals use scrub color to differentiate between different departments. Medical scrubs worn for surgery are almost always a light green or blue shade while many pediatrics professionals wear hospital scrubs that feature cartoon characters and holidays prints. Scrubs are not as common in countries outside Canada and the United States.

Doctors and nurses are the most commonly known profession to make use of scrub uniforms. They are used across the medical industry including hospitals, retirement homes, physical therapy, chiropractors, and even nurses in schools from the elementary level to universities.

Because nursing scrubs have become a symbol of health and hygiene, they are now being used as uniforms for dentist's offices and general hygienists as well. Some dentists even have their receptionists wear scrubs as a uniform to make the office seem more sanitary and give it a professional feel.

Veterinarians use scrubs for the some of the same reasons as doctors do. Veterinary scrubs help maintain a healthy atmosphere for both pets and their human owners. Pets may be even more likely to soil the uniforms, so the inexpensive nature of these cloths can come in very handy for those in the veterinary profession.

Beauticians have also begun to use medical scrubs in their salons because of the symbolic hygienic look of they portray. Scrub uniforms have become desirable in this profession not only because they promote cleanliness but also because they are very comfortable yet still look professional. Pink is a common color for the tops that may be seen in the beauty industry.

Some prisons in America have also begun to use scrubs as a mandatory prisoner's uniform. Comfort and economical value have played a part in the transition to prisons and the base tan colors make differentiation a difficult task for inmates.

Scrub uniforms are a great way to provide a professional and unified look for a profession that couldn't otherwise afford uniformed clothing because of their economical value. Being able to provide an inexpensive way to conform employees with a universally known cleanliness and health conscious look can do a lot for a business. Many customers will feel more at ease with someone in uniform. It also presents a quick and easy way for people to identify members of staff. Scrubs were created for simplicity, cleanliness, ease and most importantly, comfort. It is these same qualities that have encouraged the widespread use of scrub uniforms that is apparent throughout all of Northern America today.

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