Monday, 20 October 2014

Maintaining Sugar Gliders Health - What You Need to Promote Health

Aside from diet, another essential factor that should consider most is the sugar gliders health. Maintaining the health of your glider is hard if there is no veterinary that specialized on the sugar glider. Most of the veterinary that you can find on your area do not know about exotic pets. Finding the right veterinary can greatly help on the health of your sugar glider.

Get a visit on your local veterinary office and talk to them if they can deal with exotic animals, if not, they should told you the right doctor that can really help you on your problem. Since the animal is exotic, finding the specific vet can be a tough one. If you get the sugar glider from the pet shop, you may ask them were they actually find the right veterinary for their health care.

Before anything else, here are some important issues that affect the health of your sugar glider. You should always remember that the animal is exotic and new to the pet world. People don't know everything about this animal, diagnosing and treating the pet by your own is not the right thing to do. If some problem happens regarding to the sugar gliders health, licensed veterinarian should be contacted.

* Calcium Deficiency
Low calcium diet is the cause of this: it could lead to the paralysis of their hind leg that sometimes could be fatal. To avoid this kind of problem, always utilized to have vitamins and food supplements that could provide calcium. Feed them with well-balanced nutritional diet, you may also ask your vet for a good diet plan to help your little pet. Also, monitor its food consumption; you should change the food that they don't like to something different. They would not obtain their health nutrient if they do not eat.

* Constipation
Another sugar gliders health issues are the difficulty of having bowel movement; this condition is mostly painful for humans and even on the animals. Plenty of fluids, fibers and adequate exercise on its diet can help to prevent this condition. Constipation is the cause of gastrointestinal dysfunction, if the owner cannot solve this problem by exercise and diet; it is better to contact the nearest veterinary clinic for a check up.

* Depression and Stress
Depression and Stress are two factors that should be considered always, because it threatens the sugar gliders health. This can be the cause of loneliness because of the loss of companion, attention, and illness the sugar glider is suffering. To prevent this condition, owners should have a pair or a group of this exotic animal. Also, owners should give sufficient amount of time and attention with them.

Last thing to remember; always obtain annual or bi-annual check up with the vet for the animal's health and happiness. This is to make sure that they are not having any problem and they are on the right track.

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