Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Vet Tech Salaries: What's the Average Pay Rate for a Veterinary Technician?

As a vet tech you will not be able to earn a salary that will allow you to buy a mansion and retire before you reach the age in which social security kicks in. However, you could earn a living that allows you and your spouse to combine and make a healthy income or live a nice, comfortable life on your own.

What you have to know is that your opportunity to earn more will increase the more prepared you are to enter the field, the more experience you gain in the field and finally, the more you show your ability to do the job. Considering these factors there is some information we know in relation to the average pay rate for a veterinary technician.

First, most vet techs will start around $19,000 per year if they don't have any experience in the field or with the company that hires them to work. Now, entering the field with the proper certification and licensure and not causing the company to pay for your education could allow you to earn a little more. You have shown the initiative to educate yourself and this is usually something that will excite a potential employer.

Veterinary technicians that are in the median income usually earn around $28,000 per year and they do so because they have gained experience in the field and with the company they were hired to work for.

Experience is worth a lot to any company in any field of business and this is no different than that of a veterinary technician. The more you learn about your job the more valuable you become and the more you are worth to your employer.

Finally, veterinary technicians will usually top out the pay rate scale at around $42,000 per year, this being when they have proved their mettle and worth to the company. Showing what type of employee you are to your employer will always give you the opportunity to earn more because those who can work without supervision are always worth more than those who cannot.

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