Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Pursue Your Passion And Enrol In Veterinary Colleges

A career option where your skills and compassion can truly come into practice is invariably veterinary medicine.  Every society requires Veterinarians as they are the ones who look after an important aspect of the food chain security. But to make a choice to become a Veterinarian requires commitment of time and money.

Basic requirement for this profession is four years from an accredited college and additional four years of veterinary medicine. Although internship is not a necessity, it might be required for advanced or specialized qualification in this field. There are 27 accredited Veterinary colleges and universities in USA.

In most colleges the program has two phases. In the first phase, science is studied and understood in classrooms and labs; while in the second phase students learn the principals of this medicine and perform surgeries, first in labs and then in clinics under supervision.

You can either choose a college which is in proximity to your home or check the top ranking colleges and apply accordingly in them. Although scholarships are available for PhD students in Veterinary medicine, at graduate level, finding a fellowship is difficult.

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