Thursday, 16 October 2014

Job Duties of a Veterinary Tech

Looking for a career as a veterinary technician? Veterinary techs are those professionals who assist veterinarians in providing medical care to animals. There are a number of specific roles that they have to perform. Veterinary techs work in animal hospitals, private practice, zoos and in research facilities. There are some highly qualified and experienced technicians who give training to those who are new in the field. There are some who also assist in medical related fields including gene therapy or other type of research. Veterinary technicians are required to perform a number of job duties and in some cases, they also have to euthanize animals which are seriously ill or injured or those which are unwanted.

Individuals who are interested in becoming veterinary techs must complete a two year or a four year program from a reputable college. The two year program is the minimum educational requirement. Having laboratory and clinical experience is also essential.

The job duties of veterinary technicians include conducting clinical work under the supervision of a licensed vet. There are certain medical tests they have to perform and they are also required to diagnose diseases and medical conditions in animals. For example, they may have to perform lab tests such as blood counts and urinalysis and assist with dental prophylaxis. They may also have to take blood samples, prepare tissue samples and assist veterinarians in a variety of analyses and tests. They also have to make use of medical equipments such as diagnostic equipments and test tubes.

Job duties of veterinary technicians mostly occur in laboratories. However, there are also other areas where they have to deal with the animals directly. For example, they may be required to record and obtain case histories of patients, develop radiographs and x-rays and provide specialized nursing care. In addition, they may discuss the health and condition of a pet with its owners. Depending on their experience, they may also have to train other clinical personnel.

In simple terms, veterinary technicians are people who love animals and work to help them. However, in a number of cases, their job duties may be unpleasant or emotionally demanding. Sometimes, it can also be dangerous. There are times when their job duties may involve cleaning cages and lifts, risking exposure to scratches and bites, restraining animals and treating animals with insecticides and germicides. In some clinics and animals hospitals, these professionals have to be on duty 24 hours a day

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