Thursday, 16 October 2014

Veterinary Malpractice

Malpractice suits are filed in cases pertaining to negligent treatment of animals. It is generally expected of a veterinarian to live up to a special standard of efficiency and competence. If a veterinarian fails to treat an animal pursuant to the standard of care provided by other professionals specializing in the field of veterinary science, he or she ends up committing malpractice, better known as veterinary malpractice. For instance, when the pet dog is not given a certain vaccine which is the standard of care offered by every other similar professional at a time when the pet's condition is deteriorating, the veterinarian commits a malpractice.

The owner of the pet often approaches a skilled and competent veterinarian based on the reputation made by him or her in that geographical location. These vets are also licensed by the State Licensing Board. When the service pursuant doesn't seem to recover, the owner has the right to take a second or third opinion. But in case the animal succumbs to the treatment, the owner of the pet can take action against the veterinarian.

Animal laws and procedures are different in every state. Not only this, but often the case filed helps to recover only the market value of the pet as pets are seen as a property like household goods. But changes are being made in some state laws to recognize the special bonding between the pet and its owner.

Normally the owner of the pet animal will try to reach a compromise with the veterinarian. In other cases, the owner of the pet registers a complaint with the State License Board that issues license and supervises the veterinarians. The board takes necessary action as revealed through their review and investigation of the case. The owner of the pet may even file suit against the veterinarian or the veterinary hospital - even though the case may be expensive and time consuming. Such checks on the veterinarian practices will also help to curb the possible veterinary malpractice.

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