Wednesday, 15 October 2014

What is a Normal Day of a Vet Nurse in Veterinary Hospital?

Vet nurses are like normal nurses who take care of human. However, they are more special as they must know how to take care of many species of animals. What is it like to be a veterinary nurse in the veterinary hospital? He or she assists the veterinarians with surgical procedures, thorough examinations and administering medication.

A normal day of the animal health nurse involves performing many different tasks as assigned by the veterinarians in the hospital. The veterinarians are responsible in supervising all the activities done by the vet nurses in order to ensure that all the tasks given are done in a proper manner.

A normal day of the veterinary nurse in the hospitals involves assisting the veterinarian in carrying out the following tasks:

- Collect specimens such as urine and blood from the patients
- Conduct all types of laboratory procedures and test on the collected specimens with the necessary equipments and tools
- Provide assistance when the surgical procedures are carried out
- Obtain and record the case history of the patients
- Provide intensive care as well as emergency care to patients that admitted to the hospital
- Expose and develop radiographs
- Clean the wounds and provide injections to the animals
- Provide dental care to the animals
- Clean exam room and sterilize surgical instruments
- Do paperwork, i.e. log medications and procedures for individual patients
- Communicate with the pet owners about the health conditions of their animals
- Educate the pet owners on matters related to the nutrition and hygiene for animals and how to deal with animals' behavior

A vet nurse plays an important role in the veterinary care team in providing quality health treatment to the animals in the hospitals

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