Thursday, 16 October 2014

Marketing Tips for Veterinary Clinics

If you manage a veterinary clinic, or are a vet that is trying to market for your clinic better, there are certainly some great ways to get this done. Not only can you maximize the audience that you reach, but you can help the patients that you already have, through a structured print campaign for your clinic. Print is a great medium to share information about your clinic, the animals that you treat and the services that you offer to those families that are looking for a reliable doctor for their pet, or to your current patients. When you give this information to your pre-existing clients they are more likely to recommend your services to other pet owners too.

Printing for veterinarians

Make note of some of the following print marketing tips that can be used to create your marketing campaign for your clinic:

• Always provide business cards to clients that come into the clinic, and when you network outside in the community as well. It is helpful to print images of animals, whether pictures or graphics, so that upon seeing your card, individuals can easily see what your business is.

• If you choose printing services to print brochures, then you want to take advantage of tri-fold printed ones so that you can take advantage of more room to speak to your clinic, share photos and inform the public about why they need to bring their pet to you.

• One of the most affordable printing services that you should take advantage of to promote community events or free shot weekends for pets is flyer printing. This is a great marketing tool that can be used throughout the community, and do wonders for your business if offered at local pet supply stores.

• Use pre-made postcards to remind clients that their pet is due for shots or a dental cleaning. If you get a postcard with an image on one side and your clinic info on the other, you can even handwrite a note.

Take note of some general printing tips

Before you start your print campaign take note of some of the following printing tips that all professionals should know about.

• Remember that affordable printing is not necessarily professional printing. Before you work with the most affordable of companies you want to be sure that they can offer you quality, as well as affordable.

• Be creative with your printing, whether it is flyers, business cards, announcements or brochures, you want your prints to stand out against the competition. You can get ideas to fuel your creativity from samples online and even from some printing companies.

• Price compare based on the number of prints that you are planning on ordering. There are some printing services that will offer lower rates for the more prints that you order, so it pays to order in bulk in many cases.

Always remember that no matter what you are printing or who your target audience is, you should have quality and professional printing done. Your veterinary marketing represents you and your clinic, so you want to always put your best foot forward and make a positive impression.

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